10 Delightful Reasons Why Pensacola is Worth a Visit


Imagine white sand between your toes and clear blue waters ahead as the summer sun beams down, while you’ve got your booty in a chair and a drink in your hand. That’s one of the many delights Pensacola has to offer. However, being beach chair lazy isn’t the only thing you can do; there are also many other little gems worth exploring and experiencing.

Being home to many things Americans love, here are the reasons why Pensacola is amazing!

1. The Blue Angels Air Show

So much American pride is had when watching the U.S. Navy Blue Angels fly overhead, especially from the comfort of the beach! They’re ear-catching boom captures viewers from all over the city as they flip around, turn upside down, and all fly together in sync! 

Go to www.visitpensacola.com in order to look up the next air show on the beach! Keep in mind that their practices are basically the same thing, so don’t feel bad if you can only make a practice versus the actual show.

Also, check out the Naval Aviation Museum and you’ll get to see these beauties up close! 

2. Fort Pickens

Fort Pickens is the all-time history lesson of Pensacola. All the good, the bad, and the ugly have happened here. First being a place of settlement in the 16th century, it eventually grew to imprison Native Americans, and then in 1834, became a military campground for soldiers during war.

Today, it serves as the Fort Pickens museum and campgrounds. You can walk around the grounds and through the forts that soldiers used to inhabit decades and centuries ago.  

3. Clean Beaches

Pensacola Beach is so well taken care of. No matter if it’s a holiday, or spring break, trash is very sparse. Pensacola is very adamant about keeping their beaches clean to protect marine and wildlife, making it even more beautiful. 

4. Proximity of Restaurants and Bars to Water

In Pensacola, you can sip on a margarita in air conditioning while still watching the waves roll by! There are several beach bars including Jimmy Buffett’s very own, LandShark, as well as The Dock, Crabs, and even a few on the Pensacola bay side!

If you’re at LandShark, my personal favorite, make sure to try a Blue Angel lemonade! It’s one of the most refreshing drinks on their menu.

5. Home of Many Signature Drinks

Remember that Blue Angel Lemonade I told you to try? Well that’s not the only one! Pensacola isn’t a little drinking town with a fishing problem for no reason.

It’s the original home to many cocktail recipes like the southern infamous Bushwacker, the Old Hickory, the Settler, and if you drive a little further west to the Alabama border, you can find the Flora-Bama Rum punch!

6. Some of the Best Seafood in the Gulf

These monstrous oysters speak for themselves from Peg Leg Pete’s! Pensacola also has great grouper and shrimp, and knowing it’s fresh from the surrounding water makes it even more delicious!

Another notable restaurant for its seafood is the Oyster Barn, which is on the mainland.

7. Close to Surrounding Cities and Beaches

(Destin Beach, 48 miles from Pensacola Beach)

You’re so close to various beaches such as Perdido Key, Orange Beach, Destin, and Panama City Beach.

(Birmingham, Alabama, 254 miles from Pensacola Beach)

Not to mention cities such as New Orleans, Biloxi, Birmingham, Jacksonville, Atlanta, and Nashville if you don’t mind a longer road trip!

8. So Many Activities

Here, you can parasail, jet ski, go fishing, take a dolphin cruise, rent scooters (highly recommend), kayak, SUP board, surf, and there are even some dive spots for scuba divers! 

9. Outgoing Marine Life

From dolphins to various bird species, crustaceans, and fish, Pensacola is booming with an ecosystem far beyond our own. Often times, the dolphins will show off by performing little shows for their human friends!

10. One of the Oldest Cities in the United States

Pensacola was the FIRST U.S. multi-year settlement when Tristan De Luna and Spanish explorers arrived in 1559. So, technically, one of America’s oldest cities! Since then, it has been claimed by 5 different nations (the Spanish, the French, the British, the U.S., and the Confederate States of America) before eventually being won by the United States, once and for all. Go team!

Because of this rich history, Pensacola is booming with diversity and all walks of life! 

You can learn more by visiting Pensacola’s infamous landmark, the Pensacola Lighthouse and Museum



Have you been to Pensacola? What was your favorite part? 

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