4 Amazon Gift Bundles to Put Together for Your Favorite Gal

I don’t know about you, but I am a big fan of gift bundles. I love finding a subject (sports, hobby, activity) that my loved ones love, and then incorporating several different items into a package. In this post, I have arranged four popular bundle ideas with items from Amazon that are perfect for your best gal, whether it’s your best friend, cousin, girlfriend, daughter, sister-in law. These can apply to guys, too, just tailor the item to what your guy would love!

The Jetsetter:

This gift bundle is for the girl that’s always on the go! I would use one of the suitcases as the basis for the “basket” and then put everything else inside. Here’s a checklist for each item you could include:

Suitcases: checked bag/carry-on/personal item
Toiletries bag
Makeup pouch
Luggage tags
Travel coffee mugs
Travel books to help plan trips

The Spa Diva:

This gift bundle is for the girl who knows how to relax and ensures “me time” to
herself often! Included in this bundle are items that are perfect for a spa night
directly at home.

Skincare products: face masks/lotion/bodywash
Essential oils 
Essential oil diffuser
Bath bombs
Bottle of wine

The Nature Lover:

For the girl who loves adventures, the Earth, and loves to be outdoors! She might be a tree hugger, but she hugs those trees in style!
*The shirt and sweatshirt linked below are actually not amazon affiliated because they’re apart of real organizations who give back to charity! They would make perfect gifts for your nature lover who would love to know her gift helped our planet stay a little greener and a little better.

Camp Mug
Camp socks
Hiking shoes
Comfortable shirts or sweatshirts that support a cause

The Bookworm:

For the girl who loves to read! She always has a book on deck and likes to have a beverage of her choice while reading. Help her spice up her literary game with these book loving items!

A few books
Literary themed tote bag 
Candle (the one featured below is themed after famous writers)
A mug for coffee or tea
A few teabags/coffee/bottle of wine


If your gal pal is a little bit more complex and doesn’t fall into just one of these categories, totally mix it up and incorporate several categories into one! I hope this gave you some great ideas when shopping this holiday season.

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