In 2016,  I made a huge decision to leave the state I had known my entire life and move to a place where I knew little to no one: Los Angeles. While here, I had to create my own fun, often times by myself. Los Angeles is a sprawling, vast place that can be overwhelming at the start, but my hope is to help those find their place and help make it a little smaller. Therefore, this guide is for anyone who is moving to Los Angeles or simply on a solo trip!

Visit a Museum

Los Angeles is booming with museums. From large and popular museums such as the Getty, LACMA, and The Broad, to smaller museums such as the Museum of Death, Los Angeles has so many to choose from. You could potentially go to a different one every weekend and never return to the same one for months. Since there are so many people traveling to these places everyday, it wouldn’t be weird to visit a museum by yourself. As someone who likes to read all of the fine details when going to a museum, sometimes I prefer to visit them by myself anyway because then I can proceed at my own pace.

Befriend a Club Promoter

For all of my night owls, unfortunately mainly girls unless you befriend a really cool guy, this may be your best bet to clubbing in Los Angeles by yourself and not looking like a loner! When you befriend a club promoter, they’ll let you know which club their attending that night. All you have to do is show up and they’ll get you in instantly, along with free bottle service. Holla! With the promoters is usually a pretty decent size of girls, so you shouldn’t have any issues making friends with your new group of party animals!

Go to a Market

Los Angeles has plenty of farmer and flea markets! No matter which area you’re in, you’ll definitely find one worth venturing to. The original Farmer’s market, right next to The Grove, has over 100 grocers, shops, restaurants! There’s also the Melrose Trading Post, a massive flea market that sells an eclectic array of items from vintage knickknacks to clothes and jewelry!

See a Movie at a Historic Theatre

Although I love nights where I head to the AMC to catch a new, mainstream flick, there’s nothing I love more than seeing an old classic film in 35 mm at one of Hollywood’s smaller retro theaters. One of my favorites include Quentin Tarantino’s very own, New Beverly Cinema, and catching a Friday Night Fright at Cinefamily, the ironically “silent” movie theatre, is always fun! Make sure to buy tickets early because some of them go fast. Also, don’t forget that Los Angeles even has some Drive-Ins that you can simply park and watch a movie from the comfort of your own car!

Road Trip to a Distant Small Town

Because Los Angeles is massive, crowded with traffic, and the constant bustling and madness can be a bit much after awhile, sometimes it’s nice to leave the chaos behind and take it easy in a small town. You can drive as short as Simi Valley and explore their parks and museums, or if you’re feeling really adventurous, there are towns much further away such as Ojai, Solvang, and Julian that offer their own unique quirks!

Sit on the Beach

Although this one seems pretty obvious, I recommend going to beaches like Malibu, El Matador, or Ocean Park. These are a little less crowded, so they’re perfect to sit by yourself, read a book, and/or simply self-reflect! Santa Monica and Venice Beach are little more populated, so you may not get peace and quiet if that’s what you’re looking for, but you could have more opportunities to make friends!

Explore Coffee Shops

One thing I liked to do by myself in Los Angeles is explore coffee shops because there are literally so many of them. It’s perfect to do by yourself because you can bring a book, or your laptop and work on things without anyone bothering you, and it can be a new place every time. Three of the coffee shops I really enjoyed are Alfred’s, The Refinery in Santa Monica, and The Wheelhouse, a coffee house with a bike shop flair.



Obviously, you can do anything by yourself, but these options are fun ones that are non-touristy and offer ways to even meet new people. Los Angeles can be a lonely place sometimes, but it doesn’t have to be! Just get out and explore, even if it’s on your own.


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