Things to See Between Los Angeles and Austin by State: New Mexico

After living in Los Angeles for over a year, I decided to make a big life change: move back to Austin, Texas to focus on my creative side and my travels! We decided to expand the 2-3 day journey into a week in order to explore places we’d never seen before. We are travelers after all, right?

This guide series will enlighten you on stops to make while driving from Los Angeles to Austin starting with stops in California. Keep following the series for further information on stops in the other states.


While we didn’t spend too much time here because we wanted to have as much time in Santa Fe as possible, we did get to do a few touristy things.

Albuquerque may have a reputation of “there’s nothing to do there,” but you’d be wrong to think so. They have breweries, wineries, hot air balloon festivals, and various historic museums depending on what interests you. If you can, I highly recommend going in the summer when they have their annual Balloon Fiesta.

One thing that brought us through Albuquerque was seeing Walter White’s house from Breaking Bad. However, I no longer recommend this. The house has since been updated and no longer looks the same, and the family that owns it has been cracking down on tourist visits, so you most likely won’t even be able to snap a picture.

Santa Fe

This was by far my favorite stop in New Mexico.

Not only did it offer the best Mexican food I have ever had (And I’m from Texas y’all, this is serious), the people were so so friendly. I highly recommend having dinner at Maria’s and having one of their dangerous, but delicious, margaritas!

While in Santa Fe, you absolutely must visit the Meow Wolf art installation. I can’t tell you much about this one because it’s an experience you have to have for yourself.

Downtown Santa Fe is filled with so much history, but also has a pretty fun nightlife with friendly bartenders and plenty of live music, so going out for a cocktail is definitely a must do.


We made a quick stop through here on our way down to Texas.

The town has up-kept their alien theme throughout the years with the infamous UFO landing site being about a 30 miles drive out of the small city.

We ate at a restaurant called the Cowboy Cafe that has an amazing green chile cheeseburger! Afterwards, the UFO museum was only a few minutes drive where we learned more about the alien conspiracy that has haunted this town since 1947.

Once we left Roswell, we were finally on our way to Tejas!

What stops in New Mexico are on your bucket list? Tell me in the comments below!

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