Your Guide to Staying at The Pontchartrain Hotel in New Orleans

Located in the Garden District of New Orleans, just feet away from the strolling streetcar, amidst the charming homes that line the streets, The Pontchartrain Hotel is by far one of the best New Orlean’s hospitality experiences I have had. Not only is the interior both stunning and detailed, the staff is beyond friendly, ensuring every guest is treated with grandeur.

This historic hotel, once opened in the 20’s era as an apartment building, has been recently renovated without sacrificing classical splendor for modernism.  

Upon checking in, the front desk agent was kind and possessed altruism that I have repeatedly found to be abundant in New Orleans. The locals here, as far as the ones I have met, genuinely want their tourists to experience the best of their city. They pride themselves on living in one of the most unique, vibrant cities in America, and they want you to know it!

When we first entered our room, my breath instantly left my body and the words to describe my immediate excitement were absent!

The pomp decor creates a splendid royal French feel, and a queen I was the rest of the evening. The velvet touch provides tasteful elegance, while the mid-century accents provide comfort.

Not only is the room filled with delicate beauty, but the bathroom, modern and spa-like, could have been one of my favorite things about our stay! The restroom was equipped with resort essentials and so clean was it upon our arrival, I felt ten times cleaner even just walking in and out.

When you’re ready for a cocktail, there are two different bars inhabited in this hotel, the first being downstairs close to the entrance.

This bar, entitled the Bayou Bar, is great for locals and visitors alike, and consists of a sprightly piano and large windows for low-key people watching.

The second bar, Hot Tin, definitely hosts a larger crowd and is (fun fact) the only rooftop bar that has stunning, uninterrupted views of the full downtown skyline. Take the elevator to the top floor and “voila!”


One of my favorite rooms in the hotel is their Caribbean Room. This room, sparkling by candlelight and displayed with pageantry, is their most photographed room. Casually amidst the main wall of floral paintings lies a painting of Lil’ Wayne.

Adjoined to the Caribbean Room is the dining room where the ultimate fine dining experience can be had. They offer a daily dinner, Friday lunch, and Sunday brunch. Gentlemen, make sure you bring a jacket because they are required. 


When we weren’t in the hotel, we were only a seconds walk to the streetcar where we could explore much more of the Garden District and get off at any stop to adventure by foot. 

When we were looking for a party, an Uber was just a click away and within minutes, we were in the Quarter. However, there are also plenty of bars in and around the Garden District, so don’t feel like you have to go to the Quarter. 

For  those wanting  to grab a cup of coffee the morning after a long night with small bites for breakfast and lunch, the Silver Whistle is the perfect cafe for just that. You can’t go wrong with a cup of coffee and a blueberry muffin. 


Though we only stayed here one night, I was craving more nights at this beautiful and elegant hotel. Keep in mind that I was not paid to write this review, but felt so inclined to after staying here.

The neighborhood is much more relaxed and serene compared to its exciting cousin, the French Quarter, but close enough so you don’t feel completely deserted. I think I have many future nights ahead of me here at The Pontchartrain Hotel and I cannot wait for them.

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